FONTANA – FAVE – AELTERS (FR) “Grenze” (video performance 49’34”, 2006),

In STAND-UP artists on February 25, 2009 at 1:45 pm


work together since the video-performance GRENZE.



One of the meanings of the German word « Grenze » is the limit as a border separating two areas, which by defi – nition can be crossed.

GRENZE is a series of visual readings based on Capital by Karl Marx (part 1).

Grenze opens up a series of refl ections around capital as Marx analysed it, in an attempt to better understand it in its present form.

GRENZE is a vision of the metamorphoses of the capitalist system. It is a visual translation of «Capital». It progressively unfolds a chain of metamorphic movements. Faced with the construction of an infernal and destructive mechanism, we respond with our look, our waiting, time.

GRENZE consists of sequences called ARTIFICIAL UNITS OF DEVELOPMENT (AUD) that correspond to drawn notes made during readings of Capital.


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