Democracia (ESP)“ Welfare State / Smashing the Ghetto “ (video 8’ 10”, 2008),

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is a work team formed in Madrid (Spain). The decision to work as a group springs from the intention of engaging in an artistic practice centered on discussion and the clash of ideas and forms of action. The fact of working in a group in itself establishes an interest in intervening in the social sphere, by means of ideas of commitment to the real.

Also Democracia works in publishing (they are directors of Nolens Volens magazine) and curatorial projects (No Futuro, Madrid Abierto 2008, Creador de Dueños). Its members (Pablo España and Iván López) were founders and part of El Perro group (founded in 1989) until it dissolved in May 2006.


The “Welfare State” project

has its origin in El Salobral, one of Europe’s largest shanty towns located on the southern outskirts of Madrid. In March 2007, the Madrid City Council and the Regional Government decided that the slum should be demolished and its inhabitants rehoused.

Smashing the ghetto” is a single channel video installation displaying the demolition of these slum properties as if it were a sports event. The public watches the process from its seats on the stands and cheers on the bulldozers in a hooliganish style. The project turns the destruction of the neighbourhood into a show for the members of civil society. Unconcerned by considerations like the disappearance of a specific way of life, civil society celebrates the end of the ghetto as if it were a media spectacle.

  1. A lot of of guys blog about this matter but you said some true words.

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